Pine Ridge, South Dakota
The Pine Ridge Reservation serves as the home to the Lakota Nation, more commonly known as the Native American Sioux.  They are a people who have been betrayed many times throughout history, with broken treaties and broken promises.  Once a people that hunted and thrived across the mid west in independence, they are now living in conditions equivalent to those found among the poorest third world countries . The Pine Ridge Reservation is the 2nd poorest area in the western hemisphere (only behind Haiti) with 97% of the population living below the US federal poverty line. Alcoholism affects 8 out of 10 families contributing to a death rate that is 300% higher than the remaining US population. The teenage suicide rate is 150% higher than the national US average and 70% of students drop out of high school. 
 There is tremendous need among those on the Pine Ridge Reservation and we are committed to helping the next generation of children living in these difficult conditions. 
We are partnering with and facilitating the work of those that are living on the reservation and serving the local community. Our goal is to provide the children with immediate needs like food, shoes, and clothing. We provide gifts for the children during the holiday season and help assist families with practical needs such as propane and/ or electric for their stoves to keep warm in the cold winter months. 
 We believe that together we can show love in a practical way, and make a difference and help change the lives of future generations.